Zero consumables, printer jams and lost dockets, Platinum Order Displays makes Kitchen, Bar and Takeaway orders easy.


Platinum Order Displays                                                       

If you own a restaurant and are looking for another method to send your orders to the kitchen instead of using an impact receipt printer, then take a look at Platinum Order Displays .

Platinum Order Displays System sends your orders directly to a monitor so the kitchen staff can easily read the orders.

The advantages of using Platinum Order Displays System are:

  • No more lost or damaged order tickets
  • Staff can easily view orders in sequence
  • Staff can easily view order modifiers
  • Staff can scroll through orders on demand
  • Staff can see order time, prep time and slow dockets
  • Display shows completed and open orders
  • Improves overall kitchen efficiency
  • Pays for itself over time by saving on printer paper and ribbon costs

Point of Sale

  • Order Screens are designed for minimal finger presses
  • Quick Cash Buttons ($100, $50, $20, $10, $5) speed up transactions
  • Integrate with Platinum Handhelds
  • Table Tracking with reservations for Restaurants
  • Waiter Pager System
  • Kitchen Display Units to Stream Line Kitchen Orders
  • Table Transfer & Split Bill Function
  • Simple Cash up Procedure
  • Cashless System designed for Clubs & Schools
  • Customer Feedback Function


  • Full Live Stock Control with Recipes
  • Unlimited Departments and Locations
  • Stock Take by Location
  • Stock Take Via Hand Held Devices


  • Debtor, Staff, Management & Loyalty Accounts
  • SMS & Email gateway for loyalty, reservations & specials


  • Built in Ordering System
  • Easy Goods Receiving System


  • 12 User Levels
  • Application rights are easily set up
  • Clock In & Out function with Wages & Commission


  • Reports are all Date & Time driven
  • Easy Layout & Terminology
  • Sales Analysis is broken down by Performance & GP

Other Features

  • Hotel Reservations, Spa & Salon Interface
  • Multiple Stores
  • Built in Media Player
  • Pastel Interface
  • Head Office Management
  • Mobile Sales Dashboard
  • Log in by Finger Print Reader, Swipe Card, Dallas Key or Code on
  • Web based On-Line Reporting Function